30 Minute CPR Training.

Any attempt to resuscitate is better than no attempt.

Any training is better than no training.

Life depends on it!

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 If you are considering 30 minutes of CPR training, then good for you as you are getting serious. In this case, we suggest you might want to consider getting a little more hands-on and practical and feeling what it is really like to do CPR on someone through the tool of a CPR manikin.


Community Lifesaver in a Box

This is one of the simplest CPR training solutions we have come across. It’s like having your own CPR trainer in a box along with your very own blow-up manikin and excellent 30 minute training DVD. This is a super-efficient and cost-effective CPR training system that is ideal for either your family, a small CPR friendly BBQ, street party, school, club or workplace event. 


Hands-On CPR training

The Community Lifesaver in a Box is your own personal hands-on CPR learning program using “watch and do” training techniques that allow individuals to:

• Practice CPR on their own personal mini CPR manikin

• Learn essential CPR skills in under 30 minutes supported on DVD

• It is a personal learning program that is a revolutionary method of teaching the core skills of CPR.


“This program has been research proven to be equivalent to a traditional CPR course for learning the core skills of CPR”

— Royal Life Saving NSW


What Next?

Want to save even more lives by being even more CPR friendly? Consider doing the CPR Certified training and why not host a CPR friendly event? Spread the message, share the videos and what you have learnt.