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How CPR friendly are you? 

While 99% of Australians believe CPR is a ‘critical life skill,’ only 26% are CPR friendly. This means most Australians don’t know what to do and aren’t confident to provide potentially life-saving first responder care in an emergency situation. In Australia, 25,000 people die from an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year. It does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, with 5 Australians under 35 years of age dying each week from sudden cardiac arrest. You can make a difference to these statistics by becoming defibrillator aware and CPR friendly with a CPR refresher today, here, in minutes.

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How CPR friendly is your family, street, club, community and workplace? 

In Australia only 9% of people who have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survive. Whereas the world record survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is 62%, held by Seattle, USA. The main reason for the difference is that 75% of Seattle’s population are CPR friendly and they have greater public access to defibrillators, whereas less than a third of Australians are CPR friendly. If you don’t have the time to get CPR certified, at least get CPR friendly, here, in minutes. Life depends on it!

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The evidence is clear & maths is simple: CPR friendly people + defibrillators = lives saved


Saving lives by helping anyone get ‘CPR friendly’ in minutes, and inspiring people to create heart smart communities, starting in their own backyard.

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Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt.

Australian Resuscitation Council



Whether you are an individual, family, neighbourhood, local club, school/university, workplace or conference event organiser we can help you get more defibrillator and CPR friendly – quick smart.

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