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No time to get CPR certified?

At least get CPR friendly, in minutes.

Life depends on it!

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Student events 

If every student in the country got CPR friendly, we would be well on the way to saving thousands of lives. Long format, ‘traditional’, CPR training can be less exciting than a tax audit, but many educational institutions around the world have turned this type of initiative into a positive, creative learning experience. Some schools have set world records, technology or multimedia challenges or raised money for great community causes. Some have purchased defibrillators which save lives and turned the whole organisation and management exercise into a positive community and learning event only limited by their imagination.


What people say


“As an 11 year old if CPR skills where taught at school I could have saved my dad’s life.  I strongly believe that a refresher CPR course should be done in every year of high school.”

Rachel Cohen, Health Educator 


“CPR saved my dad’s life and should be taught in every year at high school to make sure every students’ skills and confidence levels are maintained. Every school should have a defibrillator, as in Australia five young people die of sudden cardiac arrest each week.”

Sierra Hutchinson, Year 8 Student


“CPR should be a mandatory part of getting your driver’s licence like it is in Belgium.  It has been proven the higher the population rate that are CPR trained the lower the death rates – it’s a no brainer.  My dad saved a family friend’s life with CPR and I’m so proud of him.”

Levi MacKee, Year 11 Student


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