3 Minute CPR Training.

Any attempt to resuscitate is better than no attempt.

Any training is better than no training.

Life depends on it!

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Shock Verdict 

This Australian CPR campaign ‘Shock Verdict’ (with the cast of ABC TV’s Rake) wonderfully helps empower untrained members of the community to perform bystander CPR, locate an AED and use it.


Don’t be a bystander – commit to take action and do something as “any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt” (ARC). What would you want a bystander to do if the emergency was your loved one? Every 60 seconds of inaction reduces survival rate by 10%.


Remember ‘DRSABCD’

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Check for any other dangers to yourself or others.



Check for response using talk and touch (5-10 seconds)



Immediately ring 000 on speaker phone and ask for an ambulance. They will tell you what to do.



Open airway and make sure it is clear. If required turn them on their side to clear.



If not breathing normally, start CPR. If breathing, place them on their side in recovery position and monitor.



Give 30 chest compressions (120 bpm - 1/3 depth of chest) followed by 2 breaths (tilt head backwards for adults). Recruit someone to assist with CPR as you get tired.



Get someone to quickly find an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ideally within 1-3 minutes, turn it on immediately and follow the voice prompts.

CPR friendly DRSABCD Resuscitation Chart Download Now


 Continue instruction from 000 on speaker phone until an ambulance arrives. Being a CPR good Samaritan is easy to do, the problem is, it’s easier not to do. The choice is yours, but so will be the regrets if you do nothing. Don’t die wondering what you could have done.


Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt” - and remember DRSABCD


What Next?

Want to save even more lives by being even more CPR friendly? Go to 10 minute training and consider hosting a CPR friendly event. Spread the message, share the videos and what you have learnt.