No time to get your people CPR certified?

At least get them CPR friendly, in minutes.

Life depends on it!



How CPR friendly is your workforce? What better way to say you care about your employees than look after their well-being in a CPR friendly team building activity. Many of us spend a lot of our time in stressful situations at work, and with a sudden cardiac arrest happening around every 20 minutes in Australia, it makes sense to have everyone CPR friendly. Ideal for creating a community spirited project or team building initiative, these sessions typically run for 30-60 minutes and can be part of a social ‘lunch and learn’ session or conference to break up the day.


Lunch & Learns

At CPR friendly we are always here ready, willing and able to help discuss with you the best ways of getting your people CPR aware and heart smart safe:

  • On-site CPR friendly training

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Fun social club events

  • Broadcast video learning



Why not have Don & Hutch deliver the unlikely experience between them of being a cardiac arrest survivor and CPR rescuer. During their fun & interactive sessions that include:

  • Personal life-saving & life-changing stories

  • Practical, quick & easy CPR skills

  • Time-effective, action-packed & productive learning

  • Fun, engaging & interactive entertainment


What people say


“Being CPR friendly and having access to an AED quickly is vital to ensuring we all live and work in a heart safe community. Especially working in the hospitality industry and interacting with so many customers and staff on a daily basis.”

Tom Graham, Top Shot


“If you have time to get CPR certified then great, but most people don’t. So quick, fun online CPR friendly training could make all the difference in saving a life. As the Australian Resuscitation Council says, ‘Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt’ – so it only follows that ‘any training is better than no training.”

Ricci Newton, Paramedic 


“Having worked at Nitro Circus I understand the importance of being CPR friendly and defibrillator ready for the cast and also our valued audience members just in case anything goes wrong.”

Yvette Dew, Niro Circus


 Portable fire extinguishers are a safety requirement in buildings, but you are 250 times more likely to die of a sudden cardiac arrest than of fire. So if your workplace doesn’t already have one, why not consider getting a defibrillator (AED) as an employee engagement initiative and launching it at the same time at your CPR friendly session?


Want to host your own CPR friendly workplace event?