CPR Friendly Club Event.

No time to get CPR certified?

At least get CPR friendly, in minutes.

Life depends on it!


CPR friendly club events 

Perfect for any sporting clubs, social groups, gyms, RSLs, Apex/Rotary or Lions Clubs. These sessions bring communities together in a positive social way and facilitate everyone looking after each other in a ‘CPR neighbourhood watch’ kind of way. These sessions don’t have to be long, but rather ‘micro informational training,’ ideally with a practical hands-on experience using a manikin so that everyone knows what do if an incident happens. These club events are also an excellent opportunity to raise funds for a local community defibrillator.


What people say


“Refresher CPR training for all our team on a regular basis and an additional defibrillator gives us greater peace of mind and security around the well-being of our wonderful staff and guests. Knowing CPR and how to use a defibrillator has got to be a top priority skill for every club or employer in the country” 

Chris Van Hoof, General Manager, Eden Health Retreat


“I watched my father die at home as an 11 year old. If we knew CPR and had access to a defibrillator back then, I would probably have seen my dad live another 30 years. I'm now a passionate advocate of the CPR friendly community initiative. It’s a simple program, with such an enormous impact for everyone, anywhere. You learn in minutes what could save the life of a friend or family member.” 

Rachel Cohen,  Anytime Fitness 


“With more than 25,000 sudden cardiac arrest deaths each year in Australia it’s great to see more and more sporting clubs like us promoting heart smart environments by becoming more CPR friendly and defibrillator ready. As 2018 Australian Surf Club of the Year, we feel confident that if called upon we have the competency to help in an emergency situation.”

Bernadette McKay, Avalon Beach Surf Club


Want to host your own CPR friendly club event?