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Save lives by voting now!

With enough votes the ‘My Community Project Grant’ will help change lives forever by creating a more CPR friendly and defibrillator ready community in the Pittwater electorate.

Successful projects will be determined through a public vote and the projects that receive the most support will receive funding.

If you live in Pittwater, we need your live saving vote now!


What is ‘CPR friendly & AED ready’?

Changing lives forever by creating a CPR friendly and defibrillator ready community.

While 99% of Australians believe CPR is a ‘critical life skill’, only 26% are CPR friendly. This means most Australians don’t know what to do and aren’t confident in a life threatening emergency situation.

In Australia, 30,000 people suffer from an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year with 9 out of 10 dying. We can all change lives and the statistics by becoming CPR friendly and defibrillator ready.

5,000 CPR friendly locals and 50 live-saving AED’s

The community will be safer with the goal of an extra 5,000 CPR friendly locals and 50 live-saving AED’s. The program promotes online resources and provides assistance to host CPR friendly community events with qualified volunteer surf life-saving trainers. At your club, school or workplace, or closer to home with a CPR friendly BBQ or Street Party, the program teaches CPR and supports you in raising funds for your own subsidised AED.

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Why should you vote for this project?

  • Help save 250 lives in the Northern Beaches by getting 5,000 CPR friendly locals with access to an extra 50 defibrillators.

  • Create CPR friendly, heart smart and defibrillator aware families, neighbourhoods, clubs, schools and workplaces – that will help save loved ones lives forever.

  • The evidence is clear: The more CPR friendly people + defibrillators = more lives saved.


How to vote (in 2 minutes)

1. Click here and select the red ‘Shortlist Me’ button

2. Follow the prompts and log into your MyServiceNSW Account

3. Select ‘CPR friendly & AED ready’ as your No 1 favourite project

Note: You need to live in Pittwater (NSW), have a MyServiceNSW Account and a Medicare card to vote.


Thanks for helping save more lives!